Farsickness 2.0

The three or four people who actually followed this blog with any regularity may have noticed the radio silence of the past five months. There’s really no excuse, but I have some good news.

Instead of leaving for my southeast Asian adventure at the beginning of this month, I decided to stay in Korea for another year of teaching. I completed my contract with the horrible, 11 hour working day, mismanaged English academy and got a job teaching writing to sixth graders at a private elementary school in northern Seoul. I now work normal hours (8 hour days, oh how I’d missed you!) and have a whopping EIGHT weeks of paid vacation.

Now that I have both more free time and more sanity, I will be able to put the effort into this blog that it requires. Regular posting will resume this week and within the next month or two expect to see some exciting changes.

And don’t worry, Farsickness 2.o will still focus on expat life in Seoul and travels around Korea and Asia, but with greater detail and expanded coverage.

Happy Travels!

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