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The Most Heavily Armed Border in the World

This past weekend I crossed off the most important thing on my ‘Must Do While in Korea’ list by visiting the DMZ.  The DMZ is a 160 mile (250 km) long line at the 38th parallel that separates the two … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Jamaica, February 2008

I have one thing on my mind this week.  The beach.  The seemingly never ending grey mass of clouds hanging over Seoul finally parted this week giving way to the bright sun and perfect temperatures in the mid 80s.  Prime … Continue reading

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Inside a Korean Kitchen

When I arrived in Seoul I had eaten Korean food all of one time, the day I signed my contract for this job.  I was unfamiliar with even the most basic dishes and flavors of Korean cookery.  As someone whose … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Naples, December 2009

I’m currently reading Gomorrah, Roberto Saviano’s account of Naples’ Camorra crime organization, and my mind keeps wandering back to the day I spent in what many consider to be the blight of Italy’s beautiful landscape.  Because Italy is a traditionally … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Liverpool, January 2009

Have you ever met someone in a bar and hours later, when you said your goodbyes, had plans to visit them?  I have (twice, actually).  My friends and I were at Scholar’s Lounge in Rome during out first weekend of … Continue reading

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An Introduction to K-League

This past weekend I attended my first K-League soccer game.  K-League is the highest league of professional soccer in South Korea and is currently comprised of 16 teams.  FC Seoul, the only team located in the capital city, are reigning … Continue reading

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