Seonyudo Island, Korea

Seonyudo is an island located off the southwestern coast of Korea.  I traveled there with the expectation of  biking casually between Seonyudo and the other islands, enjoying a swim and marveling at the beauty of the Yellow Sea coast.  Instead I found myself on a nearly deserted island that was filled with trash and smelled of old fish during a rain storm.  Not exactly the weekend I’d signed myself up for.

After the 3 hour bus ride and hour ferry ride it took to get there, my travel companion and I were determined to make the best of it.  We rented some bikes and headed out to check out the trails and small bridges that connect Seonyudo to 2 other small, carless islands.  While there was a low fog hanging around the island, the rain had temporarily stopped when we started our ride.  After stopping for a quick makkeoli (Korean rice wine) with some friendly locals at about the furthest point from our home for the weekend, the rain began to pick up.  And continued to pick up until we were riding back in a downpour.

I guess this is where I should mention that I was traveling with a group of other foreigners.  I’m not always a fan of organized travel but in this case it proved to be vital.  Some other unimpressed travelers and I joined up for a few rounds of beer and soju at a small restaurant near the hostel.  This turned into an impromptu birthday celebration and night of Hite with new friends.

The weather the next morning was slightly better, no rain and clearer looking skies.  We used this opportunity to hike a small peak on the island.  Although not very high, the climb allowed a nice view of the surrounding area.  The water looked clear and blue that day and made me realize that even though it wasn’t the beach paradise I expected, it was still a nice getaway from the density of Seoul.

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2 Responses to Seonyudo Island, Korea

  1. Jen says:

    A wonderful outlook,so far from home. Beautiful photos!

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